The Keoni Collections is a subsidiary of Jewelry Fantasy, Inc., which was established in Hawaii in 1980. The company designs and manufactures wholesale fine jewelry for clients throughout Hawaii, the continental U.S. and worldwide, such as Japan, Korea, Canada and Australia.

It offers major fine gemstone jewelry and specializes in natural coral, precious black and golden pearls as well as vivid olivine peridot, commonly referred to as a Hawaii volcanic gemstone. All of Keoni’s merchandise has a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

The company is a member of the Hawaii Jewelers Association (HJA) and the Gemological Institute of America Alumni and Associate (GIA). It is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an unbiased organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business practices.

It provides a comfortable shopping environment and, as always, fine quality gemstone and diamond jewelry and excellent customer service.

“奇爱丽珠宝精品中心” 是 Jewelry Fantasy, Inc. 旗下分公司。成立于1980年自设工场, 由设计, 制做至批发, 客户以夏威夷及美国本土与主, 亦有客户耒自世界各地,如日本, 韩国, 加拿大及澳大利亚等各地。

首饰制作全以天然宝石及贵金属为主, 尤其是和夏威夷群岛及太平洋有阕的宝石, 如天然牛血红珊瑚, 五彩的黑珍珠, 高贵的黄金珍珠, 及矫青绿的橄榄石 (又名夏威夷火山綠宝石), 每件售出的首饰皆会有本公司在制 作上及质量上的保证。

夏威夷珠宝商会 (HJA)
美国宝石学院 (GIA)
美国商会 Better Business Bureau (BBB)